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Just My Theory on Psi-Vampirism

This post is going to be around the Psi-Vamps I've mentioned in my Otherkin FAQ Post. It will contain some info about the psi-vampires as I see them. I will say that again: As I see them. Because there are so many of theories about what they really are that I am close to think that we haven't found one truth about them yet.

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5 Fun Things to do on Ostara

Hello everybody,Ostara is up, and I was thinking.. What are fun things that are related to the Ostara sabbat? What will be symbolic to do, or make?I've come to a conclusion that these are 5 fun things to do on Ostara! 1 - Plant something. Be it a tree, a plant or even just a… Continue reading 5 Fun Things to do on Ostara

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6 Fun Facts About Ostara

Ostara is going to be here in just two and a half weeks, Which makes it a perfect time to introduce fun facts about it! So let's begin. 1 - The name Ostara comes from the German goddess Eostre who is the goddess of spring. The name was also adopted by a musical group. (check… Continue reading 6 Fun Facts About Ostara

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I am an Otherkin.

What Is otherkin?Otherkin (Other Kind) is an umbrella definition for all who identify themselves under "non-human" category.Read more about what otherkin is here. One of my birds. Started from a crow and went on to what it is now. you'll get why it's here later in the post And now for my personal experience. As… Continue reading I am an Otherkin.


Otherkin – What is Otherkin?

What is otherkin?Otherkin (Other + Kin = "Other Kind"), is an umbrella term which contains all spectrum of individuals who identify as non-human, usually by their spirit.The "kin" of an individual is their "type" of otherkin. What otherkin IS NOT is people in costumes, people who pretend or anything offensive you could say about the… Continue reading Otherkin – What is Otherkin?