The Fun Facts About Me Post.

So.. It’s time for some fun facts. And the first and easiest subject I want to write on is… Myself of course.

Let’s begin!

I was actually borned and raised as a female, being a transgender male inside. I came out as trans* and demisexual the first time by the age of 5, got slapped and came out again at the age of 14, while in boarding school (but got pushed out by the end of the year).

My name’s meaning (Corbin, as a short for Corbinian) is actually a raven. (which I also use sometimes as my other name).

My first occult experience was at the age of 3, while a broken legged ghost girl appeared in my room.

The first divination tool I’ve learned was a pendulum.

I tend to believe that I am an otherkin (polykin of a horned lizard, a raven and a feline).

I have a boyfriend, we are engaged and call each other a life partner, because that’s what we actually are to each other.

I cope (actually more like dealing) with (c)ptsd, anxiety disorder, depression and bulimia.

I have learned a huge part of what I know from the internet and believe that the best gift that I was given in the ability to read (and write).

English is not my native language, but it’s my favorit that I’m fluent on.

I am learning Esperanto as well.

I really like books, and occult books too, and am willing to write book reviews on this blog in the future.

I hope you like this post, if so please follow m blog and like it on facebook.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions you’re more than welcome to send me a message on facebook or contact me on the Contact page.

Hope you’ll have a nice day 🙂


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