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Cartomancy – What’s The Difference between Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle?

If you have ever heard of using cards to read in your future kind-of-thing, you know what Cartomancy is about, but maybe didn’t know the term for it.

Cartomacy is the art of using a deck of cards for divination or fortune-telling.

So, after we’ve covered what cartomancy actually is, we’re ready to go forward.

Cards, In the world of my creatures.
Cards, In the world of the creatures.

The most popular ways of cartomancy are Tarot Cards, Lenormand Cards, and Oracle Cards.

The best-known of them are the Tarot Cards, but all the others are as good as the tarot and for some situations they are even better.

The main difference between the types of cards are the specification of the answer.
A tarot deck will usually give you a general lesson about life. The major arcana will give you major lessons, and the minor arcana will give you daily-living lessons, but the type of your answer stays quite similar.

In contrast to the Tarot cards, A Lenormand deck will give you a more “down to earth” answer for your question than the tarot cards.

Lastly, the Oracle cards act very differently and have their own rules on each deck. But even then, you can generally say that they tend to give major life lessons, even greater than those that the tarot cards have to offer.

The second difference between the three is the amount of detail and symbolic items in each card.

In tarot cards, this exactly is the most complicated part of the reading. Almost every object on the card matters and has a reason for being placed just there and has to be taken into consideration when performing a reading. Ofcourse that different readers will have different methods, but this is basically the main idea.

But in Lenormand, the situation is completely different! What matters in this type of cards, is just the main idea or object in the card. For example, The Stork, or Birds.

Oracle cards tend to be more similar to Lenormand and have the main idea of the card speak, but usually, the “feel” of the card has a role of itself.

Another difference between the 3 is the number of cards.
Tarot cards are 78, Lenormand is only 36, and Oracle varies.

So, which will apply to me the best?
The answer is- it depends.

If you prefer getting your answers straight away, and without too much talking – I’d recommend that you go with Lenormand.

If you like the big lessons about life, but without too much details – I’d go for the Oracle.

But if you’re looking for “deeper” readings, with lots of detail and under massages – go with the Tarot.

To sun things up, every kind of deck will give you the best answers possible, but in a different way. There is no deck “better” than the other, but more suitable for a specific subject of person.

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