Otherkin – What is Otherkin?

What is otherkin?

Otherkin (Other + Kin = “Other Kind”), is an umbrella term which contains all spectrum of individuals who identify as non-human, usually by their spirit.

The “kin” of an individual is their “type” of otherkin.

What otherkin IS NOT is people in costumes, people who pretend or anything offensive you could say about the subject.

Otherkin symbol. The heptagram.

A Heptagram, used by some who identify as Otherkin (mainly Elves & Fairies) as a symbol for their identity . (Public Domain file, originally uploaded to Wikipedia)

As an “umbrella” definition, Otherkin has many types and other more specific identities under it.
The three main categories of Otherkins are fantasy creatures Otherkins(which includes fairies, elves, dragons and more alike), Therians (which are Animal-kins), and Fictionkins (which are for a character from a fictional movie, comic or book).

You can identify under more than one category or “kin” – individuals who do are called Polykins.

Usually, an otherkin would have an experience that is called “an Awakening” for their identity. It is much like any other awakening that occurs to some of us, be it a closet to come out of, a spiritual awakening or anything else we suddenly understand about ourselves and is different than what we’ve known before. (Go to Otherkin – My personal Experience to read about mine)

After the awakening, its up to ones choices. Some “come out” as otherkins, some stay desecrate about the subject and some find a unique way to express their non-human identity.
Each one has it’s own way and feelings about the subject and therefore there are too many ways to describe them in a paragraph or an article like this one.

since this is the situation, I’ll just invite you to go on and read on otherkin forums, blogs and on Tumblr, on the following links below.

Links for Further Reading:

Otherkin.net – An otherkin site and hub
Otherkin on Tumblr – The largest amount of otherkin posts is definitely there- but beware of these haters, like in any place!

-Otherkin.net (Link was given at the further reading list)
-Personal Knowledge and Experience (more will be shared at this site soon)

Be Blessed!

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