Otherkin, Personal

I am an Otherkin.

What Is otherkin?

Otherkin (Other Kind) is an umbrella definition for all who identify themselves under “non-human” category.

Read more about what otherkin is here.

An otherkin crow. Creatures Edition
One of my birds. Started from a crow and went on to what it is now. you’ll get why it’s here later in the post

And now for my personal experience.

As you know, I came out as a transgender (about 4 years ago), had all the reactions to it and hate towards the subject being out as trans*, but then I understood something about myself. I understood I might feel like a male and I do have a form in my mind of me being a male, but this was.. not always a human male.

I have early memories of myself, having an image of me, as a tail-owner. What I mean is, that even in my childhood I used to feel and experience myself with a tail, sometimes even to actual phantom pains if someone sat on it or if I wore pants that weren’t suitable for a tailed creature (which means all of them).

When somebody asked me to draw myself- there was no question. I’ve always had a tail there. I even remember my parents making laugh of me for that reason, but they weren’t good at any level, so whatever.
The point is – Tail.

I wish I could show you my childhood drawings here but they havn’t survived.

Later in my life, I continued to feel my phantom tail. Sitting, standing, running, climbing, writing and every moment of attention and awareness- it was there. Sometimes I have seen myself with scales, like of a snake or a lizard. I was attracted to green and purple scales patterns but never really understood why is this whole thing happening, or if it even means anything or just a series of traits that aren’t related in any way.

Improving my English, diving into the net and occult articles I found a new definition- Otherkin.

I’ve started reading and looked for more info, but there was very few.
so I meditated on my human form and saw the non-binary transgender I came out as, with longer hair. And than I meditated on my “kin” form.

It was a form of a horned iguana kind of lizard, followed by a form of a crow and a form of a feline (Maine Coon cat). I finally found was it was all about. I am a Polykin.

Being both transgender and otherkin doesn’t make your life easy, that’s for sure. But it feels so good to find who you truly are, in a deep level.

I got my “boy part” out. I cut my hair, changed pronouns, changed my wardrobe (just a bit, there was no need for a dramatic change) and came out to anyone I knew.

Yet for my otherkin part.. It stayed in closet like my pagan side until last year. I’ve only told a few close friends about it until this very post.
There were days that I took my tail “out” of closet and wore a tail like I feel that I should have. My gender definition, being non-binary has changed to “tail-gender”. So tail might not be gender, but it is something I associate with myself and my inner feelings.

Thank you so much for reading this post!

I hope you liked it and you’re very welcome to send me a message on the contact page if you’d like.

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