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Ostara Vegan Gummy Snakes and Rabbits Recipe

Hey everyone!
Ostara is getting closer and closer, and I think that this is the right time to share with you my 3 ingredient vegan gummy-candy snakes and rabbits recipe!

Let’s Begin.

That’s just a doodle of a gummy brew 🙂

You’ll need:
– about a tb and a half agar agar powder (which can be replaced with gelatin if you’re not vegan)
– a juice or a nectar of your choice (just pay attention that if your drink has phenylalanine you cannot use it, because this process includes heating).
-optional: Water to control the softness of your candies. The more water you add- the softer candy will be. I usually prefer to not use water at all.
-also optional: for a stronger flavor, use syrup instead of the nectar, or of some of the nectar or juice you chose.

oh, and molds too!

I almost forgot about the mold, like always.
For this ostara recipe, I’d recommend a silicon mold shaped as snakes and rabbits, but you can use any.

Additional tool are a whisk, and a saucepan.

The Process:

Step 1: Add your juice to your saucepan and whisk the agar agar into it.
Step 2: Bring to boil and get off the stove.
Step 3: Pour into your mold in place in the freezer.
Step 4: A half an hour later, move it into the fridge.

It’s ready!

Have fun 🙂

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