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5 Fun Things to do on Ostara

Hello everybody,

Ostara is up, and I was thinking.. What are fun things that are related to the Ostara sabbat? What will be symbolic to do, or make?
I’ve come to a conclusion that these are 5 fun things to do on Ostara!

An images of a creature- New Beginnings

1 – Plant something. Be it a tree, a plant or even just a seed, Ostara is about renewal and new life and beginnings, which makes it a perfect idea for a Ostara activity (Even with kids, if relevant).

2 – Adopt a rabbit. Rather if it’s for Ostara or not, a rabbit is a super cute pet to have. As the symbol of fertility, it is being spoken about a lot on Ostara. Just keep in mind that a pet is a responsibility. Alternatively, you can make rabbit puppets or drawings. That’ll do.

3 – Make Gummy Snakes and Rabbits. It’s a great way to make some tasty and healthy candy for this happy holiday 🙂

4 – Make a snake talisman or magical item. Rather if it’s sewing, jewlary making or anything you can do- making a snake totem now will be just the right way to start with a new episode, sharding off your old skin.

5 – Decorate and dress with symbols of balance, to help a healthy new begining come to life.

Yin and yang symbol. In creatures edition
Thee Yin and Yang – One of the most popular balance symbols

Hope you’ll have a blessed Ostara 🙂

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