Herbal Magic, The Dictionary

The Plants Around You ARE Magical! An Intro For Herbal Magic

Hello everyone and welcome back to the creatures path. In this post I’m going to be explaining a bit of what herbal magic is, a bit of how it works and include just general information about herbal magic.

So first, what is Herbal Magic?

Herbal magic is magic, and by that I mean sorcery or witchcraft, that use herbs as the base of their work. A good example for Herbal Magic would be the simple and very common cleaning method that uses sage smudge to clean objects, rooms and spaces (and sometimes even people).

Herbal magic is one of the most ancient magic methods known to us today.

How does it work?

Well, it is believed that each of the herbs has it’s own unique energies, in addition to scientific proofs that the herbs can be used as medicines and prevent different diseases.
The combination of the two lets it work just right in magic. The symbolism of a herbal treatment action, combined with the spiritual energies of the plant, can create new and positive energies and be a very useful tool in magic.

When do we use herbal magic?

The answer is, whenever we like. It’s a relatively simple method of magic that can be used for almost any purpose and fit to any situation. It is comfortable and there are so many ways to use herbs in your magic that you could add them to any of your spells.

What are the benefits of herbal magic?

Some of the benefits of herbal magic are:
It is usually easy to find the herbs you need, as most of the popular herbs in magic are also very common. (In teas or just picked, in most cases it doesn’t matter).
Herbs can be used in many ways, so that you’re free to choose what fits you and your practice most. Some of the ways to use herbs in magic are: in your kitchen, in your incense, in your pocket as a talisman and so on.

And how do I know which herb should I use?

There are wikis for that 😉
Just kidding. But there are full books and websites on this subject that you could really learn a lot and easy.
And for this blog- I’ll be posting texts about each common herb– but it might take time. So follow my blog and stay tuned!

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