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My Shape-Shifting Experience and The Phantom Tail – An Otherkin FAQ

Hello everybody 🙂

Here we are today, after a pretty-long time from the last post.

Hey- I’m sorry for that. I kinda put the blog aside for a while, that’s because of some personal issues, both good and bad that came into my life. There will maybe be a post about them later, but for now- Let’s talk otherkin.

A few of you did send me questions, on the Facebook page and mostly in private messages, and these are the question I’m going to answer. These and a few more interesting questions I’ve decided to add, based on my own experience.

So here they are:

Q: Do you define yourself as an otherkin?
A: Yes. I’ve wrote more on my personal experience being otherkin here.

Q: How did you find out about the term “otherkin”?
A: Through the web. I was just starting out as a pagan and started reading online articles related to the subject.
One day I found a meditation that relates to your energy and spiritual form, and suddenly I got the answer for my tail-loving history. As I went deeper, (I think it was on Tumblr, but not sure) I found that there was a group of individuals who identify as non-human, with very similar stories. The name was “Otherkin”, and there were elves, fairies, demons, vampires, dragons, therians (otherkins of animal species that exist in our psychical world) and so many more! I was truly amazed and glad to be exposed to this world.

Q: How can you be both a Transgender and an Otherkin?
A: Well, it’s just the way it is. I don’t feel like I have to choose between these two identities. One can be a painter and a soccer player, why can’t one be both otherkin and trans*?
And as for me personally- I feel like a male body is more right for me, but not necessarily a human male body. I do feel like it’s a good base, and do want to have the male body characteristics and shape. It just feels right. I’d generally also like to add a tail, and sometimes I’d like to add more body parts that I currently don’t have (I’m a poly-kin with some more phantom parts that appear a part of the time). I know that there are many transgender folks who also identify themselves with the definition of otherkin. So that it seems to work together in many cases, and I see it as just two parts of the same identity.

Q: Do you actually have phantom body parts?
A: Yes.
While it’s not necessary for an otherkin to have them in order to be otherkin, I do have mine. I have a phantom tail almost all the time (which is kind of a lizardish or a dragonish tail), horns (don’t worry- they’re not too big) for a major part of the time and sometimes wings (raven wings).

Q: How does phantom body parts feel like?
A: They feel like regular body parts, without a psychical appearance.
I can feel when I accidentally sit on my tail and hate hats because they don’t go with my horns. I can also experience pain as an outcome of a stranger stepping on the tail.

Sounds crazy, right? Wait until the next question. I have an interesting story to tell.

Q: Can you shape-shift?
A: For me, not by command. Some know how to control it, but I haven’t reached it to this level yet.
I remember when I just found out of the otherkin community, I had a very weird and strong experience.

It was one night, in the middle of the summer. I was at my father’s friend house, in a small room he set for me until I find an apartment with my father (I was supposed to move in with him after I got dropped from the boarding school- a long story for another time).
I sat on the bed there, watching a music video, thinking normal thoughts of friends and people that were in my life, while my hand started to get really itchy. I stopped my mind’s stream and tried to pay attention, wandering for the itch source. There was nothing on it, but it felt like something grows out of it. I tried to look closer but saw nothing. The itch has turned into pain, which has turned into a greater pain. The feeling expended to my whole body. It felt like I grow scales, horns, tail and fangs. I had to really hold myself from crying. It was so weird. I tried to stop the thing by convincing myself that it wasn’t real. I don’t actually know what it was, or why it happened, but when the pain stopped I felt my phantom parts, in a way that was so strong that I had to look in the mirror to remember I still have a human body. Clothes were weird,my hair felt weird, and the moon was rising (first of last quarter- I’m not sure) upon. I could feel a very strong energetic connection to it. A kind of a connection that never was before. I closed my eyes and asked “What is happening?”
There was an answer.
“You are you now. You’re one of us. Remember this shape for this is your spirit’s shape that will be from now on. You have awakened.”
And then- silence.
I was laying down, confused, with a mind that is both full of thoughts and blank.
After a few moments- I fell asleep.

Q: How do you know if you’re an otherkin?
A: The truth is, that it’s there is no one way to know.
Some base it on past-lives memories, some feel phantom limbs and other parts, some just feel it from the insides. The community is still debating these subjects and in my opinion- if you know who you are, and that’s what you feel – that’s it. It can take years of reading, meditating and exploring yourself until you know what you are, and that’s okay. The most important thing in this is- don’t rush it.
While it’s really okay if you just found it yesterday and said- this is me! (Like my story with being transgender),like with all identity matters- please take your time. An identity is something very complicated.

Q: What’s a poly-kin?
A: A poly-kin is someone who has more than one kin-type.
(for example, someone who is both an elf and a dragon).

Q: Are psy-Vampires a kin?
A: No. Or at least, not by being psy-vamps.
Psy (Energetic) vampires are generally about sucking one’s energy for their personal use (Or living. Vampires depend or that energy in order to go with their lives). I tend to see this as more of a method of feeding their energy needs than an otherkin identity. Some may disagree. I might be writing more about psy vamps in the future, a separated issue

Q: Can you become an Otherkin?
A: I don’t think so.
Otherkin and Therian are identities of your spirit, that come from within you. So I tend to believe that it is not something you can turn into.

Q: What’s the deference between otherkin and therian?
A: Well, mainly their kin-types.
While otherkin is an umbrella definition for all kins, and relates to “fantasy” kins too, therians can only have kins of a psychical world animals. Also, note that therians sometimes like to separate themselves from the other otherkin communities.

And that’s it for now. If you have anymore questions- you’re invited to send them to me on my Facebook page, The Contact form of leave them as a comment here.

I’m very glad that you’re here 🙂
Wish you a wonderful day.


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