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Just My Theory on Psi-Vampirism


This post is going to be around the Psi-Vamps I’ve mentioned in my Otherkin FAQ Post.
It will contain some info about the psi-vampires as I see them. I will say that again: As I see them. Because there are so many of theories about what they really are that I am close to think that we haven’t found one truth about them yet.

So here is my theory about the psi-vamps.

Remember that time when you entered a room, sat with a person and after just a few moments- felt completely drained out of your energies?
If you do, than you probably have encountered an energy-vamp, or psi-vamp (which sometimes stands for psychological vampire too, but in this article I am referring to psi-energy vampire).

A psi-vamp?
Generally, a psi-vamp is someone who feeds on other’s psi energy in order to survive. Most chances are that you’ll encounter human ones, who use the method of energy-sucking as a way of gaining the energy they need for living, or sometimes more than just that.

But human psi-vamps are not the only psi vamps. There are spirits who are psi-energy vampires as well, so that it is really important to know who you’re working with and keep your control over the situation, rather if it’s by casting a circle, having your defenses set over the place you’re working at, having a good and respecting relationship with the spirit you’re working with or working in a group so that you could banish the spirit together if something goes really wrong. (I recommend to do as many things possible, so that you’re really covered. But that’s for another day.

As I already said in the otherkin FAQ post I’ve mentioned before, I tend to see energy vampirism as more of a practice than something you’re stuck with and has to do, like mosquitoes, who just have, by nature, to live on our blood.

And what is the practice of Vampirism?
Well, I confess that I’ve been there myself, trying to balance my energy levels and increase them, but by stealing other’s energies.
I was just starting out and stated to contentiously move psi energies and direct them into objects, into people and just from one place to another. It took time until I’ve created a bond with the moon, learning how to ask for a permission to do what I was doing. After that, I’ve started to communicate with the other elements. Than I expended my knowledge and went through other sources of energies, giving offerings in return of the energies, and that’s how it works for me now.
I also confess that from the awakening and on I do that due to a feeling I have, that my aura in leaking energy out of my body much faster than the amount could let me not use the vampirism technique.

But what the practice of vampirism actually means is a practice of “sucking” (with or without permission) the energy of other deities for your own use.

So that a major part of the “psi vamps” are actually the practitioners of the vampirism method of gaining energies.

Still, it is important to say that most of the psi-vamps are not aware of what they’re doing.
It’s something that I and other people do without paying any attention to it, until their awakening and understanding.

It is also important to remember that in most cases, psi-vamps do what they do out of a leak in their aura, that causes them a loss of energy and therefore a constant need to have new energies entering their system.

And what is Psi-Energy?
Psi-energy is the spiritual energy we have inside our bodies and souls. It is the energy that runs between our chakras, that energy that we use to rather create energy balls or shields. It is the energy that feels our aura and lets us be the beings of both the psychical and the spiritual world.

Can vampires feed ethically?
Defiantly! There are a few ways to do so, most based on one main idea: having a donor.
You can have a human donor, a spirit donor, an element donor or any other source of energy that can agree to the energy transfer.
Donor-based methods are feeding by touch or sight. Touch is easier for the vampire, while sight is safer for the donor but requires more skill.

The other method I know is actually a method of self defense. It is about sucking in the aggressive energies sent towards you, and feeding on them. (And this method is actually my favorite).

To sum things up, psi-vamps are just deities or humans with a leak in their aura, causes them a constant need for extra energy they find in others and in natural resources like the elements.

I hope you could learn a lot from this post. I have done a lot of research before daring to write a post of that kind and really re-thought my personal experiences and everything I know about the subject before writing them here, since I know that there is not enough knowledge on the internet and therefore that it’s really important that what I write will be the closest to truth.

With all that being said, if you do find any mistake or have any question, please write me on my Facebook page or the contact page on this site.

Wish you a wonderful day,

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