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Just My Theory on Psi-Vampirism

This post is going to be around the Psi-Vamps I've mentioned in my Otherkin FAQ Post. It will contain some info about the psi-vampires as I see them. I will say that again: As I see them. Because there are so many of theories about what they really are that I am close to think that we haven't found one truth about them yet.

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5 Fun Things to do on Ostara

Hello everybody,Ostara is up, and I was thinking.. What are fun things that are related to the Ostara sabbat? What will be symbolic to do, or make?I've come to a conclusion that these are 5 fun things to do on Ostara! 1 - Plant something. Be it a tree, a plant or even just a… Continue reading 5 Fun Things to do on Ostara

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6 Fun Facts About Ostara

Ostara is going to be here in just two and a half weeks, Which makes it a perfect time to introduce fun facts about it! So let's begin. 1 - The name Ostara comes from the German goddess Eostre who is the goddess of spring. The name was also adopted by a musical group. (check… Continue reading 6 Fun Facts About Ostara