Hello World

Ah, an Hello world post.

Every blog needs an hello world post. So here’s mine.

Hello World.

How are you feeling today?

How did you sleep last night?

I’m really and actually very glad to have you reading this post right now.

And what is that, that makes me so happy to see you?

It’s that this blog is about fascinating subjects that I’d like to share my love for with the world. With you.

This blog is going to be decorated with my own “creatures” that I draw.

It is personal and being truly treated as such, from the very beginning.

In my daily life – I’m a designer. In my free time- a blogger and a sorcerer.

I live with a life partner- what you’d probably call a spouse, but we like it this way better.

I’m young. How young? Starting my 20’s just by this very month.

I’ve been around the occult since I remember myself, refusing to accept anything else but my own feelings as that time- an independent type of a child.

The first thing I actually learned from a book was the tarot cards, followed by dream inturrapting and the pendulum. Later, I came to know the Lenormand cards and playing cards reading techniques. I started with basic spells, psychic work, visualisations and meditations, going forth unto herbal magic, kitchen magic, offerings, working with spirits and even more subject that I just can’t come to remember all of them at the moment. So that in a relatively short time- I’ve learned a lot and can now answer many of the questions of my beginner friends.

In this blog, I’m going to cover some of these subjects I’ve mentioned, and some others too.

I plan on making facts and informative articles, opinion and paraonal view columns, and personal blogging posts. And you are welcome to rather read them all or just choose what interests you.

I hope that you’ll find this blog useful and my posts interesting and fun to read.

I’ll soon be publishing a “Contact Me” page, and will be glad to hear from you.